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You consent to iStore Card making enquiries about your credit record with credit reference agencies when assessing this application or updating my information in future. You also consent to share information with agencies, who may share it with other credit providers about how you manage your account/s during the term of this agreement.

You further consent to iStore Card carrying out identity and fraud prevention checks and sharing information about this application through the South African Fraud Prevention Service.

You hereby confirm that the information provided is accurate and that no additional information that may affect the decision has been withheld.

As part of our service iStore Card, a division of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, would like to provide you with information on products and services offered by the group and other companies, which we believe may benefit you. You consent to marketing, services and special offers communication to you.

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Cost of Credit

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Please take a moment to read through the below fees associated with your new . On acceptance, we will email you a copy for your reference.

Your Limit: R
Your Service Fee: R per month (only applies after the first 12 months)
Interest Rate (not on repayment plan):
Your Minimum Repayment: R
Aggregated Service Fee: R per annum
Total Interest Amount: R
Total Cost of Credit: R
Credit Cost Multiple:
The minimum monthly repayment is at 3% of the outstanding balance.
The interest amount and total cost of credit is based on a 12 month period.
The fixed interest rate applicable to the iStore Budget Facility is calculated at 10.9% per annum (yearly).

You hereby confirm that you accept all Terms and Conditions relating to Cost of Credit. Click here to view the full T&C's.

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Documentation required:

  • Proof of home address
  • Proof of income (3 Most Recent Monthly Payslips OR 3 Most Recent Bank Statements)
  • Copy of your South African ID book
  • If you are Self Employed - please provide 6 months bank statements and a copy of IT45 document

We can also access your proof of income through our IDX system. If you would prefer to follow this method, kindly give consent below.

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