Payments & transfers


Inter-account transfers
You can transfer funds between as many as 100 linked accounts - if your available credit balances are sufficient to cover the transfers. To keep track of all your transfers you can access 365 days’ history on all your linked accounts.

Account payments
You can make different types of payments to third parties. You can link up to 300 beneficiaries online to your card using the beneficiaries function. Beneficiaries can also be linked to your card at any branch. You have the ability of grouping your payments up to a maximum of 30 groups of your choice.

The payment service offers you the following options:

Payment options Description
Once-off payments For payments to beneficiaries without having to load them to your list of beneficiaries
Pay single beneficiary You can select and pay a single beneficiary in your list and perform the following functions:
 - paying now, for immediate payments
 - future dated payments, for dates in the future
 - repeat dates, for recurring payments
Pay multiple beneficiaries You can select and pay 10 beneficiaries simultaneously from your beneficiaries list
Future Dated Payments You can make a future dated payment using the pay multiple beneficiaries option
Manage your payments The Manage payments feature enables you to view, amend and delete any future-dated or repeat payments
Transaction history You can access a one-year transaction history by specifying the start and end date of the transaction history that you would like to see.
Payment confirmation Payment confirmation is a service offered to you if you pay your bills online. The service enables you to notify your beneficiary by fax, email, or SMS of payments you have made to them via Internet banking.
Group payments Group payments enables you to group your beneficiaries into categories of your choice, i.e. Expenses, Family, Friends etc.

As part of the payment confirmation message your beneficiaries receive a reference number, which they can use to track the payment.

To use the service, you will need to select the payment confirmation button on your profile and accept the terms and conditions.

The Beneficiaries screen displays all beneficiaries linked to your card. These could include retailers, friends, and family. Once you have loaded your beneficiaries you can pay them immediately. You may link up to 300 different institutions and private beneficiaries to your card. This function lets you set up your beneficiaries online. You can:

  • Add private individuals as beneficiaries
  • Add companies or companies listed on our company deposit identifier (CDI)
  • Delete existing beneficiaries
  • Amend details of your existing beneficiaries
  • View details of beneficiaries linked to your card, including the last three payments made to a specific beneficiary