Every month, we send you an electronic statement that gives you information on all your iStore Card transactions and payments.

  • Your statement reflects the exact situation of the account on that particular date.
  • Check your statement to make sure that all your transactions were made by you or with your authority and that all payments to us are shown.
  • If you need an interim statement during the month, you can get one by calling us, from any Standard Bank ATM, branch or through Internet banking.
Convenient and secure, your FREE electronic statements will set you FREE from paperwork.

Benefits of getting your statements via e-mail:

  • it's FREE
  • more secure
  • easy to store and retrieve
  • environmentally friendly
  • instant - no more postal delays or missing mail!

How to Read Your Statement

Your iStore Card statement will show you:

  • your limit
  • available credit
  • balance
  • minimum payment due
  • due date
  • interest rate
  • transaction and payment details

Minimum Amount

The minimum amount is 3% of the outstanding balance or R25, whichever is greater, plus any budget instalments.

Due Date

The due date is the date by when your monthly payment must be made.

Payment History

A good payment history is one in which at least the minimum amount is paid on time every month.

A bad payment history includes missed and late payments.

iStore Card TIP: Pay your account on time every month by loading a debit order and build up a good credit record.

If you have any questions, simply give us a call on 0860 000 260.