Credit card tips


Your financial security is our top priority. We promise that, should you ever fall victim to fraud or if your iStore Card is lost or stolen, we will help you sort it out as quickly as possible.

Here are some safety tips for your iStore Card:

Using ATMS
When using an ATM:

  • Stand close to the ATM.
  • Don't let anyone distract you.
  • If someone moves close to you when you have inserted your iStore Card, press “Cancel” and your iStore Card will be returned. Do not key in your PIN.
  • Check your iStore Card before you leave the ATM to make sure it is yours.
  • Don’t accept help from strangers for any reason. Rather ask a bank employee for assistance.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even bank employees.
  • Do not draw money in deserted places.


Paying for Goods and Services
When paying for goods and services:

  • Never let your iStore Card out of your sight.
  • Remember to sign the slip produced by merchants and keep your copy for reference.
iStore Card TIP: To ensure that your iStore Card is always accepted, pay your account on or before the due date every month


Lost or Stolen Cards

If your Card is lost or stolen, please contact the Lost Cards help desk immediately on 0800 020 600.

Have your iStore Card number or ID number with you and please record the reference number provided. We will replace your iStore Card as quickly as possible. 

iStore Card TIP: A lost iStore Card will be replaced with one bearing a new number. If you have debit orders against your iStore Card account, you will need to give your new iStore Card number to the organisations concerned.


Purchasing Tips

Your iStore Card is accepted in South Africa and internationally and is perfect for your day-to-day transacting needs. Simply follow these easy steps.


Shopping at a Store

Your iStore Card is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo at more than 28 million merchants in South Africa and internationally.

When you wish to pay with your iStore Card:

  • Give your iStore Card to the cashier.
  • You may need to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). (If stores do not have a “chip reader”, your iStore Card will be swiped as normal.) By entering your PIN, you are authorising the payment on your iStore Card.
  • If your card is removed from the reader before you enter your PIN, the transaction will be cancelled.
  • You will then be presented with a Credit Card slip. Check the slip and make sure that the amount printed on it is correct. Sign and return it to the cashier.
  • The cashier will give you a duplicate of the slip with your receipt. Keep the slip and check it against your monthly statement.
iStore Card TIP: If you do not see the MasterCard sign displayed, ask whether you may use your iStore Card before you start shopping.


Shopping via Telephone, Internet or Mail

For your convenience, you can also use your iStore Card to make purchases by phone, internet or mail.

You will have to provide:

  • your iStore Card number
  • its expiry date
  • the (CVV) Card Verification Value Number (the three numbers on the back of your iStore Card on the signature panel)
iStore Card SAFETY TIP: Your Card Verification Value Number (CVV) is a security measure to help prevent fraud. It should be given only to people you trust.


3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure protects you, the cardholder, and the merchant by verifying your personal details during an online purchase, prior to the transaction being processed. It ensures an additional level of protection when shopping online. This service is now enhanced with OTP instead of a static username and password.

What does OTP mean for you?

Buying online is safer than you think with OTP. It’s designed to give your iStore Card an extra level of protection against unauthorised use when shopping online. You will now receive a OTP via SMS every time you make a purchase, and this password will only be valid for that transaction.

How OTP works when you’re shopping online at participating 3D Secure merchants?

  • Shop online and proceed to the checkout
  • Input your 16 digit iStore Card number, Expiry date and CCV number when prompted
  • You will then be asked for an OTP which you will receive via SMS on your registered cellphone number
  • Finalise your purchase

3D-Secure OTP benefits for you?

  • No need for registration and activation up-front
  • No need to remember a username and password
  • Reduces the risk of your 3D Secure password being compromised or phished
  • No need to phone to unblock 3D Secure passwords
  • Additional level of protection when shopping online

Where can I find more information about 3D Secure?

If you have any queries or questions about 3D Secure or need technical assistance, you can contact the  Contact Centre.

SAFETY TIP: Online shopping is quick, easy, and convenient – however, there are still some safety factors that need to be considered when using your credit card to make purchases online.

  • Only place an order with your credit card on trusted websites that are verified as secure sites (look for the lock image on the toolbar).
  • On the Web page where you enter your credit card or other personal information, look for an "s" after ‘http: //’ in the Web address of that page - it should read: ‘https://’. The encryption is a security measure that scrambles your data as it is entered.
  • Ensure that the website is authentic and secure by finding out what other shoppers say. Some websites such as and have customer evaluations, which can help you determine a company's legitimacy.
  • Do not send emails that contain personal information such as your card number and expiry date.
  • Use good quality antivirus software – such as the free software we provide for our Internet Banking and WAP-based Cellphone Banking customers.
  • Secure, Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

We all love the convenience of shopping online, but are concerned about the risks that may be involved. This is why technology, such as 3D Secure, has been designed – and protects you while you shop.


Withdrawal Tips

Use your iStore Card and PIN to draw cash and manage your accounts at ATMs.


Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Your PIN gives you access to:

  • any ATM in SA or internationally to
    • withdraw cash
    • do balance enquiries
    • make deposits
    • pay accounts
    • view statements
  • FREE Self-Service Banking
    • Internet banking
    • Telephone banking
    • Cellphone banking

To get your PIN, or if you have forgotten it, call us and follow the prompts. Remember to have your personal details with you, along with your cell phone because we will send your one time password to you while you are talking to us. It’s that easy!

iStore Card TIP: SAVE on ATM fees when you withdraw cash at any Standard Bank ATM.


Caring for your iStore Card

The magnetic strip and microchip on your iStore Card stores your important information.

Here are a few tips to help you to prevent it from being damaged:

  • Keep your iStore Card in a pocket of its own in your wallet or purse.
  • Don't scratch or write on the strip.
  • Don't leave your iStore Card in the sun.
  • Don't bend your iStore Card.